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Head Office
NSSF Building Ubungo,2nd Floor, Plot No.417,Block G, Morogoro Road 

Along Bagamoyo road, Plot No 2148, Block H, Mbezi Beach-Maliasili Street

P.O.Box 35860
Dar es salaam,Tanzania
Tel:  +255 22 2451772
Mob: +255 784 669054/55
Fax: +255 22 2451771



TERAM ELECTROMECHANICAL CONTRACTOR LTD is local electrical company registered with Contractor Registration Board, having its base inDar es Salaam,Tanzania. Establishment of this company follows the recently decision due to high demand of Electrical Engineering expansion especially in installation of high  and low voltage power, online service of transformers, generators and motors, electrical contractor, sales and supply of electromechanical spare parts, Electrical machines cleaning and varnishing solutions and supplies of bakelite materials.

Our Vision and Future are to be the best Electrical Contractor using up to date Technology parallel to best committed Professional based inside as well as outside Tanzania.The Company is looking forward on recruit expatriates so as to maximize the efficiency of the services. Not the less, Company is looking forward to be the best employer in not only Tanzania but also Africa in general.


 The Company mission is to Exceed Customers expectations in providing quality, efficient and yet at reasonable costs solutions to their Electrical problems

The company Focus is to put more emphasis on offering best solution.The Company is planning to have on line services, on line quotation as all these will be accessed on our Website.